Bolt Grades – What is It? What you should know about it

Bolts. What are they?  These are the components which are also referred to as fasteners and are used to hold two objects firmly together.  There are certain things that are very crucial to consider while selecting the right bolt for an application. These factors include shape, size, thread type, length, material, coating, classes of fit, and grade. Except for grade, all these factors have been discussed quite extensively.  Bolt grade is one of the important factors that is often ignored. What are the grades?  What makes this factor so important in selecting the right bolt? Read the following post to

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Understanding Thread Galling in Threaded Parts

Galling refers to the wear and tear occurring between two metal surfaces due to friction when they happen to be in sliding contact with each other. Thread galling is prevalent amongst threaded fasteners which are fabricated from stainless steel, steel, aluminium or brass. Therefore, correct steps must be taken from the start in order to lower the risk and occurrence of thread galling. What are the effects of thread galling? What must precautionary measures be employed in order to protect threaded parts such as fasteners, nuts, and screws from galling? Read the following post to get answers to these questions.

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What Are the Trends and Future Advancements in Fastener Technology?

Fasteners are the components used to connect or join two or more objects. They help make a permanent or temporary, yet strong connection between two objects.  As the years passed fasteners have been updated with the latest technological advancements. Fasteners used today are significantly different from those used several years back. The fastener technology has seen a lot of advancements and has many advantages. How have these advancements helped fastener manufacturers? This post will explain how the manufacturers have benefited by these fastener advancements. Trends in Fastener Technology There have been a lot of trends in the developing technology of

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What Should You Choose: Coarse Threads or Fine Threads?

Screw threads are uniform ridges on the internal or external surface of a cylindrical surface. These threads are helix shaped.  These threads decide how nuts, bolts, and screws maintain integrity when coupled together. Threads are made coarse or fine for various applications. The coarse threads are suited for most applications; however, fine threads are ideal for applications demanding specific strength. So what differentiates these two types of threads?  Read this post to understand the significant difference between coarse threads and fine threads. What Separates Coarse Threads and Fine Threads? As discussed above coarse threads and fine threads are ideal for

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5 Popular Fastener Coatings You Should Know About

When you are looking for some ideal fasteners for your project, you must consider all their characteristics, such as their material of construction, performance in various environments, and durability. However, the last two factors depend on the material and the type of coating used. The coating on the fasteners helps improve their performance and lifespan. There are different types of fastener coatings available in the market. This post discusses 5 important fastener coatings that you can consider while buying fasteners for your industrial, commercial, or personal uses. 5 Popular Types of Fastener Coatings for Your Consideration The following are the

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Tips on How to Avoid Mistakes While Using Fasteners

Fasteners are the mechanical objects that are used to fasten things ranging from toys to submarines. These fasteners are made from high grade materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel, steel, brass, aluminum and plastics. Surface finishing treatments can be done on fasteners to improve resistance to corrosion and/or appearance.  This post focusses on the common mistakes to avoid while using fasteners. Mistakes to be Avoided While Using Fasteners Here are some of the negatives to watch while using fasteners: Choosing the Incorrect Type or Grade: One of the critical prerequisite is choosing the correct grade and type of material

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Fully & Partially Threaded Metric Bolts: Which One to Choose?

Choosing the right type of metric bolt between a fully threaded and partially threaded metric bolt is quite a tricky task. It entirely depends on the application or assembly for which the bolt is required. Most people just consider the size of the hole while selecting a bolt. However, the hole size is only one of the factors, and one cannot decide the type of bolt just by knowing the size of the bolt hole. This post will discuss in detail the two different types of metric bolts – fully threaded and partially threaded. We will also discuss their applications.

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Hose Barb Fittings: Things You Should Know

A barb fitting or a hose barb is a component that is attached to a hose or a tubing. In technical terms, a barbed fitting is described as “a connection that is held in  place with the help of continuous circular grooves around a hollow tube carrying air or fluid.” These fittings are reliable, convenient, and provide excellent value and performance. Thus, they are widely used in flow control applications. What are the benefits of using barb fittings? What are its applications? To get answers to these questions, please read the following post. Functions and Benefits of Hose Barb Fitting

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What are the Different Types of Fasteners for High Temperature Applications?

When fasteners are exposed to high temperatures they face several complications which affect their performance. One of the most common problems faced at elevated temperatures is rusting. In this post we will discuss some common problems faced by these fasteners, and material recommendations to address them. Fasteners for Specific High-Temperature Problems The following are some of the common problems that affect the performance of fasteners at high temperatures: Oxidation: This problem occurs at elevated temperatures. In an oxygen rich environment many metals will rapidly oxidize and start disintegrating.  This problem can be avoided by selecting fasteners made from oxidation resistant

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8 Popular Fastener Finishing Treatments

Fasteners are used to fasten things ranging from toys to containers.  Fastener finishes are often done to provide a decorative finish, as well as improve their resistance against corrosion. Also the surface finishing treatments will help reduce failures of fasteners in various environments.  In this post, we will discuss 8 popular fastener finishing and coating types. Types of Fastener Finishing Treatments The trends in fastener finishing vary across industries. For example, fasteners that are used in cars and other automobiles are exposed to high physical stress levels and extreme temperatures. However, fasteners used in food and pharmaceutical applications need to

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