Top 5 Reasons That Make Brass Pipe Fittings People’s Favorite

In the previous post, we discussed the basics of brass pipe fittings.  In this post, we will be discussing several benefits of using brass pipe fittings.

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What are the Benefits of Using Brass Pipe Fittings?

There are various types of pipe fittings available on the market. Why is it that people prefer brass fittings? The answer to this question lies in the benefits of using these types of fittings. The following are the reasons/benefits that brass pipe fittings are so popular:

  1. Excellent Malleability: Brass has excellent malleable properties. This means that the material has good flexibility as compared to a steel or iron pipe and can be easily adjusted/ twisted. The material is easier to mold than other materials. Though brass is extremely malleable, still it continues to retain its dependability and durability.
  2. Extreme Durability: Brass is an extremely durable material, thanks to its various working properties. The brass pipe fittings are the perfect choice for you if you are looking for fittings that will deliver performance consistently for many years to come. In addition to this, these brass fittings have the capability to deliver an optimal performance in supply lines containing boiling water.
  3. Exceptional Versatility: Brass pipe fittings can be supplied in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and widths. This makes them exceptionally versatile and suitable for use with a variety of pipes in plumbing systems. Be it a project with strict specifications, or a water line into your home – the brass pipe fittings are capable of delivering high performance.
  4. High Resistance to Corrosion: Metal fittings can undergo significant wear and tear due to corrosion and rust. Brass is known to have excellent resistance to corrosion and this makes it ideal for use in pipe fittings. The non-corrosive properties of brass pipe fittings are the reason why they are preferred in areas with high corrosive water properties.
  5. High-Temperature Tolerance: Brass has a good conductivity of temperature. It has the capability to withstand higher temperatures as compared to other materials. This makes it perfect for hot water distribution systems.

These are the reasons which make brass pipe fittings popular in so many plumbing applications. Have these reasons intrigued you to buy high-quality brass pipe fittings for your application?  If so Norwood Screw Machine Parts is a trusted and leading brass pipe fittings manufacturer in the U.S. Their skilled knowledgeable staff will be able to help with any of your requirements.

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