Product Category Descriptions

Norwood Screw Machine Parts is a leading manufacturer of all types of custom bolts for numerous applications serving industries including military, agriculture, electronic, automotive, commercial and telecommunications just to name a few. Bolts are made out of a wide range of materials.

We offer an array of bolt types including anchor, carriage, machine, flange, lag, T bolts, J and U bolts, countersunk, eye, hook, knurled and shoulder bolts.

All Bolts are made to print, constructed with traceable raw material and documented test results. Bolts are fabricated at our state of the art facility which is equipped with single and multi spindle screw machines, CNC milling and turning equipment, Escomatics, CNC and Cam Swiss Automatics. Our manufacturing capabilities also include the cold heading process.

All of our standard and custom bolts are manufactured in accordance with various Mil-Specs and standards set by ASME, ANSI, ASTM and SAE.

Industries Served

About Norwood Screw Machine

Norwood is a privately owned custom screw machine parts manufacturer. For over 59 years we serve some of the largest corporations to the small company with a new product to develop. Whether a unique item with a one time requirement or a long running contract order with scheduled deliveries, Norwood Screw Machine Parts is the right choice for the job.



Quality Control

We know that we are - and should be - judged by how quickly, accurately and cost-effectively we meet our customer's needs. Our in-house quality assurance team begins the process with the receipt of an order. They maintain close communications with customers to ensure that customer goals are clearly understood and completely achieved.