Screw machine parts are an integral component of the marine industry. However, these fasteners have typical requirements, such as high corrosion resistance in salt water environments, UV resistance and more. At Norwood Screw Machine Parts our experts are working with a various standard, as well as non-standard materials to meet the specific marine application and industry requirements. We also provide a wide range of finishing and coatings to improve the corrosion and rust resistance properties of our fasteners. We are known for our fast turnaround time and cost-effective prices.

Norwood Screw Machine Marine Fastener Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to take on complex projects easily.  We have been serving marine industry customers for many, many years.

  1. Industry Standards: ASTM, Mil-Spec, RoHS, ANSI, and ASME
  2. Materials We Work In: Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Alloy Steel and Plastics.
  3. Tolerances: +/-.001ʺ
  4. Thread Types: UNC, UNF, ACME, Machine
  5. Head Types: One Way, Countersunk, Pan, Round, Hex, Flange, Recessed, Ball, Button, Indented, Flat, Oval, Fillister, Square, Truss, And T-Heads.
  6. Diameter – 0.010 ʺ to 3ʺ
  7. Length – 0.010 ʺ to 24ʺ
  8. Surface Finish – Up to a 16 micro

Types of Marine Fasteners Provided by Norwood Screw Machine

We provide the following types of marine fasteners:

  1. Lid and connector screws
  2. Tuning screws
  3. Gearbox bolts
  4. Carriage bolts
  5. Male bigheads
  6. Pozi caps
  7. Anti-vibration mounts
  8. Hex lag bolts
  9. DIN, ISO, and ANSI standard fasteners

Applications of Marine Fasteners

Our marine fasteners are used in the following applications:

  1. Decks
  2. Bulkheads
  3. Ramps
  4. Tanks
  5. Submarines
  6. RIB Boats

We, at Norwood Screw Machine Parts, are committed to customer satisfaction.  We use high-quality materials and advanced technologies to create custom fasteners for the marine industry. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to manufacture fasteners to your exact specifications. For your specific requirements please call us on our toll-free number 1-800-437-6644 or email us at

About Norwood Screw Machine

Norwood is a privately owned custom screw machine parts manufacturer. For over 59 years we serve some of the largest corporations to the small company with a new product to develop. Whether a unique item with a one time requirement or a long running contract order with scheduled deliveries, Norwood Screw Machine Parts is the right choice for the job.



Quality Control

We know that we are - and should be - judged by how quickly, accurately and cost-effectively we meet our customer's needs. Our in-house quality assurance team begins the process with the receipt of an order. They maintain close communications with customers to ensure that customer goals are clearly understood and completely achieved.