Our Facilities

Production Equipment

 B&S Automatics  OOG, OG, 2G & Ultramatics to 2-3/8″ Capacity
 Traub Automatics  A25, A36 & A60 to 2-3/8″ Capacity
 Index Automatics  To 2-3/8″ Capacity
 Davenport 5-Spindle Automatics  With All Sec. Oper. Att. to 7/8″ Capacity
 Turning, Milling & Drilling  State Of The Art Multi Axis CNC Capabilities


Secondary Equipment

 Turret Lathes  W&S #1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5 & 1A to 3-1/2″ Bar Capacity
 Chuckers  W&S OAC, 1AC, 2AC, Wadell,
Hardinge. With Trace & Automatic Thread.
 Lathes  Hardinge, B&S and Le Blond with Tracing Attachments
 Borematic  Heald, Ex-Cello and J&L, Multi-Spindle & Double End
 Millers  Bridgeport Vertical, B&S, K&T and Cincinnati Horizontals
 Profile Millers  Bridgeport 3D & Cincinnati Hydrotels 30″ x 96″
 Pantographs  Gorton #P1-2
 Drill Presses  Single & Multi-Spindle, Burgmaster & Dumore with Tapping
 Thread Rollers  Reed, Waterbury Farrell & Kinefac
 Thread Millers  Hansen & Whitney
 Grinders  Cincinnati Centerless, Landis, Norton, B&S and Ex-Cello
 Internal Grinders  Heald #72
 Gear Cutting  Barber Colman, Mikron, Gleason & Fellows Shapers
 Broaches  La Point, Cincinnati & Oil Gear Vertical, Horizontal & Surface
 Planers  Vertical Boring Mills, Double Disc Grinders
 Gun Drilling  From .060 to 6″ Dias.

Additional Quality Services Offered

Tumblers – Lapping – Brazing – Welding – EDM- Heat Treating – Plating – Anodizing –  Assembly

Industries Served

About Norwood Screw Machine

Norwood is a privately owned custom screw machine parts manufacturer. For over 59 years we serve some of the largest corporations to the small company with a new product to develop. Whether a unique item with a one time requirement or a long running contract order with scheduled deliveries, Norwood Screw Machine Parts is the right choice for the job.



Quality Control

We know that we are - and should be - judged by how quickly, accurately and cost-effectively we meet our customer's needs. Our in-house quality assurance team begins the process with the receipt of an order. They maintain close communications with customers to ensure that customer goals are clearly understood and completely achieved.