Pipe Fitting

Product Specification
Length .010 to 24ʺ
Diameter .010 to 3ʺ
Thread Type UNC, UNF, Acme, Machine
Material Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum
Machine Surface Finish Up to a 16 micro
Tolerances +/-.001ʺ

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Product Description

Zero Leakage with Norwood’s Brass Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings are used to connect two pipes or different parts of a pipe. Norwood Screw Machine manufactures precision grade pipe fittings with smooth interiors to ensure unrestricted flow. Choosing the right pipe fitting is essential to proper functioning of your application. Depending on the pressure requirements and other factors, the brass pipe fitting should be purchased accordingly.

Types of Pipe Fittings

Several types of brass pipe fittings with varied configurations are available at Norwood. The important product categories include:

  1. Types of Pipe Fitting Connections

    The connecting part of the pipe fittings differ according to the application. Compatibility is an important factor to consider in order to ensure zero leakages. Some common connection types include:

    • Flange Fittings
    • Bite Type
    • Flare Fittings
  2. Types of Pipe Fitting Functions

    What specific function do you need your pipe fitting to perform? Here are four main functions to choose from:

    • Sleeve
    • Plug
    • Wye
    • Reducer Valve

Materials Used at Norwood Screw Machine

In an application, using the right material can help improve overall efficiency as well as ensure increased service life of the pipe fitting. Hence, at Norwood we work closely with our clients to ensure that the pipe fitting materials that are chosen achieve the best end result.

Some of the materials offered include:

  1. Brass
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Carbon Steel
  4. Alloy Steel
  5. Aluminum
  6. Aircraft Aluminum
  7. Plastics including:
    1. Nylatron
    2. PTFE
    3. Delrin
    4. Nylon

Brass pipe fittings in several sizes and configurations are available from Norwood to suit all application requirements. The brass pipe fittings are designed to provide reliable connections. Available in metric and decimal sizes, standard and customized pipe fittings are manufactured in quick turnaround time. All products are rigorously tested for high quality and performance standards.

Industries Served

About Norwood Screw Machine

Norwood is a privately owned custom screw machine parts manufacturer. For over 59 years we serve some of the largest corporations to the small company with a new product to develop. Whether a unique item with a one time requirement or a long running contract order with scheduled deliveries, Norwood Screw Machine Parts is the right choice for the job.



Quality Control

We know that we are - and should be - judged by how quickly, accurately and cost-effectively we meet our customer's needs. Our in-house quality assurance team begins the process with the receipt of an order. They maintain close communications with customers to ensure that customer goals are clearly understood and completely achieved.