Introduction to Different Types of Screws Based on Head Shapes

Screws are an important aspect of any construction or engineering project. There are several types of screws available for purchase in various material constructions and designs.  Steel machine screws are one of the most popular types of screws used around the world. These fasteners are distinguished by their physical features.  In the previous post we had discussed these stainless steel screws based on their drive shapes. Here we will see how to distinguish them based on the shape of their head.

Types of Screws Distinguished by their Head Types

The head of the screw houses the drive and serves as the stopping point once the screw is driven into the surface. The head type is distinguished by the shape of the head and space they take up in regards to different projects. The following are the most popular distinction of screws based on their head types:

  • CountersunkSlotted Head: The screw has a countersunk head which allows it to sit flush to the material surface on which it is used. These screws are used for general woodworking projects such as fitting hinges to doors.
  • Round Head Screws: These are the most common types of screws in use today. These screws are used to fix pieces of material in an application. These round head screws look very decorative and are usually made from brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
  • Pozidriv Head Screws: These screws have a pozidriv head and are used when special screwdrivers are to be used. These non-slipping screws are used for fixtures in corners or confined spaces.
  • Pan Head Screws: These are one of the most popular head types which have a slightly rounded head and short vertical sides. These screws have a very low profile when they are driven into the material surface.
  • Flat Head Screws: These screws feature countersunk heads and are designed to lie low in the surface where the screw is being drilled.  These heads help avoid protrusions on the surface.
  • Truss Head Screws: These screws are distinguished by their rounded top with a flat underside which provides a low profile while remaining above the surface line.
  • Oval Head Screws: The oval head screws combine the features of flat and pan head types. The actual head is slightly rounded, and the underside is countersunk. These screws are used for providing a decorative finish due to their aesthetic appeal.
  • Fillister Head Screws: These screws are distinguished by their cylindrical shape and convex top. These screws are also known as raised cheese head screws.

There are various lesser known varieties of head types as well. You can always seek the assistance of an industry expert like Norwood Screw Machine Parts to determine the type of screw suited for your project.

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