Introduction to Different Types of Screws Based on Drive Types

Stainless steel screws are powerful fasteners used in various industries to hold things together in a structure. Today you will find various types of screws in the market which are used for fastening projects. The screws are generally categorized as per their head shape, thread types, and driving methods. In this post we will discuss screws based on their drive types.

Drive Types

Following are a few popular types of screws distinguished on the basis of their drive types:

  • Phillips: These screws are distinguished with their cruciform shape and are compatible with Phillips screwdrivers. The main advantage of Phillips screws is their multiple edges which help reduce the force to be applied by the user. The drive is also designed to help a screwdriver not pop out of the head recess on applying a high degree of force.
  • Pozi: The Pozi drive screws are the iterated version of Phillips drive screws. This drive features two cruciform slots. The second slot is comparatively less visible than the standard cross drive. The drive provides stability and helps avoid slippage of the earlier versions. These screws are compatible with any Phillips screw driver. Many industry experts recommend users to use these screws with Pozi drive screwdrivers.
  • Slotted: These are traditional drives which are still in use. These drives employ a single slot for a flat-tip screwdriver. The ease of use and simple design are the two features which account for their continual popularity. Custom Round head slotted screws are the most popular ones in this category.
  • Star Drives: The star drives also known as “Torx” drives are easily distinguished by their star-shaped recess and six rounded points. These drives require less force to turn the screw and can help avoid slippage while helping maintain the performance of the screw. The Torx screwdriver is recommended for some projects. There are various types of tamper-resistant star drives available for purchase. These types may include pins in the center for the main recess.
  • Hex Socket: The hex socket drives are called so due to their hexagonal recess. These drives are usually driven by a hex screwdriver or hex key. The main advantage of using this type of hex socket drive is reduced forces to turn the screw, which helps avoid slippage and reduce the screw damage.
  • Square: These drives are not as common as Phillips and standard slotted drives but they are still popular in various countries. The simple shape of this square drive makes it ideal for different projects. The drive can be used with a square screwdriver.
  • One Way: These are one of the popular types of slotted screws. These screws can be tightened with any standard screwdriver. The one-way screws are tamper resistant and they require special removal tools.

There are various other drive types which are regularly or occasionally used during structural installments, maintenance, and repair projects. If you are confused about the right type of screws for your project please get in touch with Norwood Screw Machine Parts.

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