Four Factors That Make Machine Screws Stand Apart from Other Screws

The screws used in an application have a great impact on its functioning and safety levels. The performance of the application is dependent on this decision. Hence, it is extremely important that the screws be chosen after careful research and assessment. A wide variety of screws are available in the market. Understanding how screws work will allow you to choose the right screws. In case you are unable to find the right screw, you can always contact a custom machine screw manufacturer, who will design and manufacture a custom machine screw based on your unique needs. This blog lists four reasons why a machine screw might be a better fit for your application as compared to other screws.

4 Reasons to Opt for Machine Screws

Machine screws are developed to ensure reliability and durability. Some of the primary reasons machine screws are beneficial in an application are:

  1. Application : – Machine screws are manufactured to be much stronger than their counterparts. They are used to hold together parts in military equipment, commercial products, electronic equipment, industrial machinery, automotive, etc.
  2. Threading : – Machine screws are available in a variety of different sizes and classes depending on your application.  Threads are available in ACME, UNC and UNF. Custom machine screw manufacturers work with their clients to develop products best suited for their application.
  3. Head :- Screw heads are available in a variety of custom shapes, sizes and drives.  We produce drives in slotted, phillips, socket and combo styles.  Head shapes can be round, pan, square, flat, etc. The screw design should be chosen depending on your application specifications, as well as any other components that will be used in conjunction with the screw and/or application.
  4. Integrate with Threaded Holes :- Most screws create holes as they are drilled or pushed into an application. Machine screws, on the other hand, are designed to fit into pre-threaded or pre-drilled holes. This feature ensures that the connection is stronger.

The quality and safety of your application will depend on the screw selected. Depending on your application and other requirements, you can choose the right type of machine screw to be used. The type, material, and dimensions are some of the factors you need to consider when making this decision, since an alteration with one specification will affect the overall performance of the screw.

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